Proven Reliable

On Board Solutions products, like ProMariner’s, are manufactured in an ISO certified environment and meet all ROHS standards. On Board Solutions benefits from decades of experience by incorporating the same manufacturing methods that have proven themselves as highly reliable in even the harshest marine environments. This benefit is extended to our customers.

Cutting Edge Solutions

Both On Board Solutions and ProMariner also actively participate in various technical committees related to the industries that they serve. The company’s products bring together expansive internal capabilities and knowledge, as well as customer requirements in order to offer the market cutting edge product solutions.

The Leader in Marine Grade Battery Chargers

The original roots of the company resulted in the introduction of a new line of marine grade battery chargers in order to meet the requirements of OEM clients in the boat builder community.

Ferro resonant chargers were once considered the standard in charging technology. Over time, much has changed. High frequency, solid state charging is the new “gold standard” by which premier OEMs define their requirements, no longer accepting the inefficiencies associated with the now outdated Ferro-technology. Cost competitive, light weight, compact designs with a host of features define these now standard requirements.

Professional Mariner led the conversion into new products early on. Focusing on core charger and power conversion technologies, ProMariner quickly became the market leader in its field.

Expanding Products for an Ever Changing Market

With Fortune 500 experience and a solid track record of growth behind him, Mr. Robert Unger (President) acquired the company and immediately began a new expansion of products and product lines for OEM's. In 2001 he brought Mr. Gerald Demirjian (Senior Vice President) into the picture and a further market penetration took place into appropriate retail and distribution channels.

The company quickly established itself as an industry expert in the field of power conversion as well as dry mount and waterproof battery charging technology.

Headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, the central office houses its engineering, sales and marketing, shipping and support as well as warehouse and administrative staff.

Having successfully penetrated all the known channels in the marine marketplace, the company has focused its efforts on the equally demanding commercial/industrial sector. With a market leader position in power conversion, battery charging and battery to battery applications, On Board Solutions is always offering new products to meet the needs of a dynamic and evolving market.

On Board Solutions, a ProMariner Company, is an innovative manufacturer of on board and portable battery chargers, battery isolators, power inverters, and DC to DC power conversion power products as well as accessory products targeting commercial and industrial applications. On Board Solutions products are used extensively in applications ranging from golf carts, wheelchairs, motive power, mobility and automotive applications, scissor lifts and a wide array of other related global product applications.

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