We have built upon that tradition most recently with the introduction of the ProTech-C Series of battery chargers. As the most innovative product in its class, the ProTech-C takes into account aspects of the product that have eluded customers up until now. Here is an example of how we did it:

PROBLEM: Ferro-resonant battery chargers are big, heavy, and inefficient.

SOLUTION: We abandoned the “old method” years ago due to technological advancements. We only manufacture solid state, high frequency units that are compact, light weight and far more efficient. This results in much better charging technology that makes the batteries last longer.

PROBLEM: The price of metal keeps going up, causing unanticipated product price increases.

SOLUTION: Using a high frequency, solid state design gives us a more stable cost platform. We are able to do a better job of controlling costs while providing expanded features.

PROBLEM: In some of our applications, certifications are important to us. What do we do?

SOLUTION: Depending on your application, we have a product for you. The ProTech-C, for example, is certified to UL1564, 3rd edition which is the most recent UL standard available for Industrial charger applications as of this writing. We also carry CE marks so you know we are compatible in multiple global markets.

PROBLEM: The charger I have now seems to overcharge or undercharge my batteries.

SOLUTION: We work closely with the major battery manufacturers to identify their charging requirements and make sure that we put out a proper charge curve to get the job done as expertly as possible. The ProTech-C (as well as other products that we make) can handle multiple battery types thus helping to “future proof” you against changing battery types.


PROBLEM: As an OEM I have some applications that require an onboard charger, a portable charger, 120VAC systems and 220VAC systems for overseas applications. I also use different batteries depending on the application. How can I avoid stocking so many different chargers?

SOLUTION: Through the ProTech-C’s innovative product design, we can convert the onboard charger to a portable charger and the unit automatically ranges across the spectrum of AC input voltages. We also work with all 3 major battery types. This greatly expands inventory flexibility and reduces skus. The “onboard” unit slips quickly into the carry case assembly and converts to a portable unit. Since we use connectors on inputs and outputs, our cable assemblies are customized for the application. It really couldn’t be any simpler (or quicker).

The solutions go on and on. With ProTech-C we even include a SPDT relay at the highest rating of 10 amps so that it can be connected to a motor controller and disable operations in the event that the onboard charger is plugged in and charging batteries. This keeps the AC cord from yanking out during charge operations as well as avoiding a host of other potential problems. Please refer to the ProTech-C data sheet for more information or any other data sheet to find a product that meets your needs. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have specific requirements that you still have questions on. We’re standing by to assist you.

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