Combination Battery Charger and Quasi (Modified) as well as Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Easy to install, space saving design.  Download our manual under the "Support" section of our website to see the various models.

Fully Automatic

Instant 30 Amp Auto AC transfer switch when shore power is connected.  Automatically passes AC through while charging batteries.

True 3 Stage Battery Charger

Various charge profiles available for getting the best charge possible on your batteries thus extending battery life.

Efficient Design

Great for all kinds of electronics.  When connected to shore power, pure sine wave AC power passes through to all connected devices.

On Board Solutions, a ProMariner Company, is an innovative manufacturer of on board and portable battery chargers, battery isolators, power inverters, and DC to DC power conversion power products as well as accessory products targeting commercial and industrial applications. On Board Solutions products are used extensively in applications ranging from golf carts, wheelchairs, motive power, mobility and automotive applications, scissor lifts and a wide array of other related global product applications.

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