Need more current and protection in a DC to DC charging system? We not only provide that but also give you a tailored charge curve for your specific battery application. This is a truly unique charger that is used in battery to battery and alternator to battery configurations when the transfer of power is a necessity.

Improved Mobile DC Power

If you are trying to provide improved DC power in your vehicle or house battery bank application, this is the product for you. Our Digital Mobile Charge 40 is a 4 Stage Battery to Battery Charger and has the advantage of providing up to 40 Amps of current in a pretty simple installation. It will protect your starting battery while providing power to your house batteries.

Need more current?

The Digital Mobile Charge 130 will provide more than enough current. It connects to your engine alternator and will provide up to 130 amps of power (varies w/alternator size). These units will provide 12 or 24VDC output and can have important information sent via remote to another location by using our remote control display unit. Either way, you will save time and money by eliminating the need for battery isolators or alternator modifications since battery isolation and protection is built into every Digital Mobile Charge unit.

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