Leading the industry in power conversion for over 30 years, On Board Solutions has designed a complete line of power inverters from 400 to 3,000 watts.

Features of the TruePower line include:

  • Advanced Electronic Modified Sine Wave Technology
  • Soft Start & Noise Filtered Technology
  • Bat Sav'r Auto Mode - 3 Position Battery Switch (400 - 1000 Watts)
  • Continous Power Rating on all 400 - 3000 Watt Models
  • Dual Bar Graph Status Display (600 Watts & Above)
  • Removable Deluxe Remote (1500 - 3000 Watt Models)
  • Standard Remote Port (600 - 1000 Watt Models)
  • High Surge Rated
  • 2 Water Resistant Inverter Models, 400 & 800 Watts
  • LED Power & Fault Indicators
  • 100% Output Short Circuit Protection

On Board Solutions, a ProMariner Company, is an innovative manufacturer of on board and portable battery chargers, battery isolators, power inverters, and DC to DC power conversion power products as well as accessory products targeting commercial and industrial applications. On Board Solutions products are used extensively in applications ranging from golf carts, wheelchairs, motive power, mobility and automotive applications, scissor lifts and a wide array of other related global product applications.

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