Industrial Grade On-Board Battery Charger

Not every charger has to be completely sealed. Although larger applications allow much greater installation flexibility, we still made our latest addition to the lineup resistant to tough environments while passing stringent UL  requirements.


The ProTech-C represents the latest innovation in charger technology functionality and is a true representation of form and function coming together.

Meeting Your Needs

Check out how we meet your needs by clicking on the data sheet. Here you will get all the details on how we:

  • Meet UL1564 Industrial Battery Charger Standard (3rd edition – the most recent one!)
  • Carry the CE Mark for European requirements
  • Are able to convert our onboard charger into a portable charger for expanded flexibility
  • Incorporate charge profiles that are compatible with the most common battery manufacturers for a tailored approach to charging your batteries.
  • Incorporate universal voltage inputs and connections for worldwide compatibility and serviceability.


If you have a specific requirement and you’re not sure how the products you see here will fit your need, call us. We have engineered specific solutions for many different customers and are confident we can solve your challenges too.

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