Built for the Rugged Marine Environment

If you are looking for a completely sealed unit, we make them. Our waterproof series chargers are built for the rugged marine environment and stand up to the challenges that those situations can pose.

Sizing up the right charger for the job is something we can help you with, so don’t hesitate to contact us for an appropriate product recommendation.

ProMite Series

The ProMite products represent our recreational grade series and come in 5, 10 and 13 Amps. These chargers work with flooded and Gel type batteries.

ProSport Series

Our ProSport Generation 2 series of battery chargers represent the heavy duty recreational grade of our line up. With our multiple output connections and 3 battery type selector switch, these fast chargers employ Distributed-On-Demand™ technology so that each battery gets an individual charge based upon its specific needs.

Like the ProMite series, these are true 3 step chargers designed to extend battery life and maintain them when not in use. These chargers are compatible with flooded, Gel and high performance AGM style batteries. ProSport current ratings are as small as 1.5 amps and range all the way up to 20 amps. Click on our data sheet for more details.

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